Ocean Pergole System

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  • All aluminum carriers are made of 100 × 150, rear legs and 100 × 200 special aluminum profiles.
  • Rail Profile consists of 100 × 290 special aluminum profiles.
  • The system can be easily adapted to every angle by means of fasteners (“Joint“ and Aluminum af L “) connecting the Rail Profiles and Carrier.
  • The M8 screws used in the assembly and the special nuts which are locked are stainless.
  • The system works with a slope of 15%.
  • The tarpaulin works between not under the Ray Profile. In this way, lighting, heating, TV system etc. installation advantage.
  • Thanks to the special streams beneath the Ray Profile and the front stream on the outside, the system assures absolutely no water.
  • Tarpaulin Carrier Profiles are placed at 50 cm.
  • The maximum distance between the upper rail profiles is 400 cm.
  • In the system, one motor is used in 120 m2.
  • Tarpaulin Fabric PVC Based, 780gr / m² weight, consisting of three layers of black out, waterproof, non-flame, flame retardancy (CL2-UNI EN 13773) has the characteristics.
  • Fabric tensioner can be adjusted by special T10 Polyurethane Timing Belt System.
  • The system is controlled by remote control.
  • Used Makrowin Motor 5 Years Warranty.
  • One of the biggest features of Makrowin Brand is that it can be closed with any desired system without the need for an extra profile
  • The system should be collected in windy weather. The problems arisen from the wind are not belong to us.
  • In case of high snowfall, the roof should be kept open. Otherwise, crashes may occur. Any problems that may arise from snowfall are not covered by the warranty.
  • All spare parts used in the system (except external factors) are guaranteed for 2 years.
  • Damage caused by external factors (knives, flower pots, stones, birds, etc.) to our tarpaulins is not covered by the warranty.
  • Wheel channels must be cleaned at least once a month.